hello, it’s me..

..Dee…my very first post on my very first blog!

The patterns here are my very first attempt at such a thing, inspired by the course I have just embarked on The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. I hope to be posting a lot more on the blog: drawings, doodles, thoughts, poetry, rambles, rants, as I begin this creative journey – Watch This Space!

To begin with I want to start with a little cartoon which reflects upon the most common response I get when I tell people I’m starting a surface pattern design course. ‘What’s that?’ they ask. It seems that the world of surface pattern design is a mystery to most. Or most people I talk to anyway! I can understand that. The terms ‘graphic design’ and ‘illustration’ are widely understood. Surface design is a term you hear less. And yet it is all around us, as my cartoon highlights!I enjoyed drawing that! But I’ve realised that drawing a cartoon about my surface pattern design course is keeping me from completing the work (*play, actually – it’s fun!*) on my surface pattern design course. So I best get on with it! Off to draw some leaves now….


14 thoughts on “hello, it’s me..

  1. Congratulations Dee, a great start to a new and exciting adventure…I’m a graphics girl myself and I’m loving the surface pattern design course…look forward to getting to know you and see your inspirational pattern designs…have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Dee, thanks for stopping by on the blog – and of course at the studio! 🙂 Lovely to see you and this cartoon is just FAB – how very illustrative 😉 Hope all the work at the Wimbledon Art studios has inspired you to do yet more creative work, and hopefully in time add it to your new blog – yay!


  3. Hello, Dee. Lovely and helpful cartoons. Loved the recent one as well, about the not so secrete desires of reigning the world of SPD of every Rachael1s student. Hope that with the ending of Module 1 you find the time to keep posting over here. WIsh our desires to come true.

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