hello, it’s me..

..Dee…my very first post on my very first blog!

The patterns here are my very first attempt at such a thing, inspired by the course I have just embarked on TheĀ Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. I hope to be posting a lot more on the blog: drawings, doodles, thoughts, poetry, rambles, rants, as I begin this creative journey – Watch This Space!

To begin with I want to start with a little cartoon which reflects upon the most common response I get when I tell people I’m starting a surface pattern design course. ‘What’s that?’ they ask. It seems that the world of surface pattern design is a mystery to most. Or most people I talk to anyway! I can understand that. The terms ‘graphic design’ and ‘illustration’ are widely understood. Surface design is a term you hear less. And yet it is all around us, as my cartoon highlights!I enjoyed drawing that! But I’ve realised that drawing a cartoon about my surface pattern design course is keeping me from completing the work (*play, actually – it’s fun!*) on my surface pattern design course. So I best get on with it! Off to draw some leaves now….